About Me

Me and my wife 2017

Hi there, my name is Hamuera Maika, but you can call me Harm.

I’m an online entrepreneur and my mission is to role model how to be the grandest person I can be and to help others do the same through digital technology.

My main role at this moment is that of an affiliate marketer.  Basically, I promote and refer services and products of value which I then collect commissions for.  I am a proud affiliate of Six Figure Mentors (SFM) who are helping thousands of people achieve financial freedom and time.

I am also in the process of establishing my personal brand that will focus on the improvement of all significant aspects of a person’s holistic being, mind, body, spirit and relationships.

All of this was made possible through my SFM educational experience under the tutelage of great leaders and a sharing community.  Therefore, I am here to share and assist others through this same process with the ultimate outcome of financial freedom, time and self-reliance.

Values I Treasure The Most

  • Unity/Aroha – at the base of life we are all one.  Spirituality, consciousness call it what you want. If we are truly united then we will do what it takes to give as many people the opportunity to be all they can be.  There are so many benefits to realising this; treating others as you would like to be treated, there are more similarities than there are differences between us all


  • Truth – Speak the truth always.  Even when it may hurt someone else or you feel you shouldn’t.  Telling your truth truly frees you as you are never back tracking to cover your lies.  People will trust you and you will draw those people that are like minded towards you.


  • Compassion – truly forgiving people when they do wrong to you and or others.  When you don’t forgive people fully for their wrongs you will harbour resentment which will only waste your energy.  How can you move forward to your full potential when you carry resentment for others, especially when many people will wrong you during your lifetime?

Me and my twin boy’s taking selfie overlooking our home in New Zealand, 2011

  • Creating – We all have the potential to create the greatest vision of who we choose to be.  We are always creating ourselves whether consciously or unconsciously.  Once we realise and believe this we can then go about being proactive in creating who we choose to be instead of reactive.  This is the greatest gift we have been given and we must take full advantage of it.


  • Integrity – how you treat others, with respect and dignity, ultimately shows who you are.  My mother was a great example of integrity as she loved people from all walks of life from homeless to rich.  At her funeral many people confirmed this


  • Humility – I believe is one of the biggest values I hold dear to my heart.  Humility puts things into perspective very quickly.  Humbling yourself in front of people who have more knowledge can speed up the process of learning as you quickly realise that you don’t know everything and there is so much to learn.  Knowing that others have done greater things before you and that you alone did not get you where you are today is important.  Humility lets you know quickly that it is not just about ‘me’, ‘me’, ‘me’ all the time.

Auckland, NZ Maori cultural group performance

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