Tobius Harrison suddenly awoke in darkness to find his family still asleep. He had made the decision for all of them to travel to the foreign shores of New Zealand.

“What the hell am I doing?”

“6 months on a ship with my whole family?”

“What if its no different there?”

There was soo much controversy concerning the safety of passage which weighed heavily on his mind.

“Ill never forgive myself if anything happens to my family”.

Like his father’s father he had been a boot repairer all of his life but unlike them he had a new opportunity to build a better future for his family

There were little opportunities here in Comberton and he was adamant to change this.

The only problem was that it existed in foreign land somewhere far to the south of the globe.

The fear of the unknown gripped him tightly as he looked deeply into the calm and tranquil faces of his sleeping children.

He knew deep inside this was the best option.

He was sick and tired of working 16 hour days and relying on the whims of the wealthy who could drop his skills and services in an instant.

He had worked for years saving to pay for their passage, living frugally and at times going without food for weeks.

“There has to be a better way to live than this?”

Frank’s (his second youngest boy) eye lids began to twitch in the darkness as he mumbled some strange words in his sleep as if reassuring Tobius of his decision. 

His son’s slight movement fanned his desire to create a greater life, burning away his dark limiting thoughts.

They would travel far from this country and start a new.  


One teaching that is very prevalent in my culture is that of ancestry (which is one of my top 3 values). 

It is very common for many brought up in the Maori world to know quite a bit about their ancestors whether Indigenous to Aotearoa/New Zealand or not.

We are all descended from thousands of ancestors who have contributed to our genes, biology, social, economic, political, technological and cultural climate.  

Most important of all though is that we have been given a great opportunity through their actions to become the best versions of who we choose to be.

Whether they were a tyrant, sage, saint, wise, narrow minded, cruel, loving, successful or mediocre there is something great to learn from their lives.

Like my great, great, grandfather, Tobius Harrison I have an opportunity to build the best life I can and it requires that I conquer my fears and travel to shores I’ve never seen before.

My ‘fear of the unknown’ is subdued in comparison to the real threat of death his family faced at sea and on land.

Him and his wife’s courage to make hugely difficult decisions against internal and very real external fears would’ve been unimaginable

However with my imagination I can create a glimpse of what it was like so that I may shine light on my courage to make better decisions for me and my family.  

I too look to create a better life outside of the ‘norms’ of society so that my children’s children will benefit from the decisions I make today.

Today at our fingertips we’re able to access vast amounts of information, that when used correctly, can increase our quality of living like never before in our known history. 

The question is whether we have the courage to make that decision? 

Would Tobius have taken the opportunity I have today?  I would like to say he would’ve. 

“So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

H. Jackson Brown

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Much Love