For many years I’ve been obsessed with ‘mindset’ and how to change my mind and brain so that I can live the grandest life I have ever dreamed of.

Now before I give you what I consider the fundamentals of changing your ‘mindset’ I will give you a bit of background about how I came to become so obsessed with it.

I was far from a top student at school, failing just about every year of my secondary school assessments and exams.  When I left school I believed that I was ‘dumb’ academically. 

Fortunately I found my talents were creating things, art pieces, wood craft and stories.  I also realised that I easily connected with people which meant I was able to lead groups with barely any conflict. 

These things, although were verbally agreed on as important life skills were never really recognised or valued in the same light as academic merit.

Apart from my dismal marks I believe one of the most important values I picked up was consistency.  Luckily (but not at the time) I was living with my Uncle who made me run every morning at 5:00 am just behind him, rain, hail or sunshine. I done this for 2 years of my senior school life.  So much for sleeping in!

After I left school I continued to try my hand in the academic world and was fortunate to get a position in a pilot ‘bridging course’ to university.  I actually done well passing the majority of my papers but still came up short because the success criteria was a 100% pass rate. 

Despite this I was able to undertake my first year in a degree and I failed miserably as I found it boring and arduous.

This took a toll on my self-confidence as, once again, I proved that I was a failure academically and I wasn’t intelligent enough to be a university student.  So I decided to enjoy my social life which inevitably meant turning my attention to alcohol.  

My father ended up telling me to leave university as I was clearly wasting my money, so in 2001 I got me a job as a white water raft guide.  The following year our family was struck with tragedy when my father passed away suddenly from a heart attack. 

This absolutely destroyed me.  I truly felt I had hit rock bottom, my father had just died, I was ‘dumb’ academically, directionless, had no qualifications, $20,000 in debt, a number of broken friendships, I had been arrested twice in the past few months and I was only left with $30 in my bank after getting paid that same day.

The only thing I felt I had going for me was my consistency in training and fighting in Muay Thai.  I won two titles and racked up over 8 amateur fights in one year but more important was a growing belief that I could achieve whatever I put my mind to.   

Now, other than ‘Mega Memory’ by Kevin Trudeau, purchased by my father in the 90’s, I read my first spiritual book called Celestine Prophecy.  For me this was an eye opener. 

I slowly worked my way into a better position as a white water raft guide and started to receive more money.  Then on July 19th, 2005 I answered the phone at 3am after drinking all night to find out that my mother had passed away in hospital.

Although this was hugely devastating for our family, my mother had been ill for sometime, going in and out of hospital often.  On the day she died I had one of those moments when I knew in my heart and soul that I needed to take another path.

So I packed my 1 bag and made my way down to the University of Otago where I reunited with a woman I love and pursued a Degree in Physical Education.  When in university, I came across two books that would influence me for the rest of my life.  Conversations With God, the trilogy and the Secret. 

CWG had the most profound impact on me as it gave me a macro look at my universal existence while providing clarity around achieving my goals by the ‘think, do, teach’ method.  The ‘Secret’ introduced me to the law of attraction (which I didn’t completely gravitate toward) and how through thinking we attract our circumstances.

With these teachings I started to explore more of the science of mind power through concepts of ‘neuroplasticity’ and how through mental and physical practice we strengthen our neural pathways in the brain. 

I considered myself more of a practitioner of different techniques by routinely implementing affirmations and visualisations on a routine basis so that I could achieve my goals.

I also immersed myself in the teachings of the conscious and subconscious mind and their relationship to the formation and breakdown of habits. 

Common throughout the many books I read was the evolution of the brain and mind  and how this has hardwired us to act and react to certain stimulus. 

Fast forward to this moment in time and I believe all of these different experiences have culminated in my pursuing my ultimate goal in life.  To be the grandest person that I have ever dreamed of being in all aspects of my life. 

Although I haven’t done any university study in these areas I’ve learnt over the years that the most important thing to ‘being’ is a desire to learn and most important of all is to action that learning.

So here are my steps to achieving any goal you put your focus toward.

  1. Desire
  2. Your identity
  3. Your belief
  4. You learn, do, teach
  5. You repeat   


At first I didn’t add desire into the mix because I was assuming that you have settled on something that you want to achieve.  However, this step is vital and requires you to dissect your ‘why’.  ‘Why’ do you want whatever it is that you want?  Is your ‘why’ for material possessions or fulfilment in life?  What I’ve learnt throughout my journey in online business is that they both need to go hand in hand.

Can what you want materially be tied into a ‘desire’ to help others?  Will what you desire fulfil you at a deeper level?  I only say this because all of the experiences talked about by the guru’s of the business world like Tony Robbins, Robert Kyosaki, Gary Veynurchuck and Bill Gates (who all have the material possessions one can want) reiterate the same story.  That there is no fulfilment in just ‘wanting’ and ‘attaining’ material possessions especially if it involves doing things that don’t contribute in someway to human progression.  The following quote is one of Tony Robbin’s most famous which states that

“Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure”

So once you are sorted on your goal and your ‘why’ I believe these are the most important steps to changing your mind 

2. Your identity – consistency

The most important aspect I believe when pursuing your goals is your identity which is the deep unconscious part of you that influences all of your thinking and reactions.  It is like the centre of an onion that dictates the growth of the outer layers.

After observing and helping many people achieve or fail in their achievements I believe without a doubt that consistency and perseverance is the most significant aspect of your identity.  Without this important aspect you will certainly fail in achieving any goal. 

Like I stated in my story above I may not have been the sharpest knife in the draw but one thing I did have in abundance was consistency and perseverance. 

I learnt this from my mother, my Uncle and now my 4 year old lol..  They all role modelled to me the art of continuing to strive for their goals no matter what.  At what seemed the lowest point of my life, I still managed to be consistent at training for sport. 

This I know is what has brought me to this point in my life.  My ‘consistency narrative’ is this “I will pursue something personally worthy until I drop down and die”.  The fear of not following my dreams will fill me with huge regret and that is something I’m not willing to live with.

So find stories of consistency and perseverance in your life; role models, book heroes, prior achievements and dig deeper into those stories.  Revisit them daily in your mind and your emotions.  Routinely practice those visions and feelings until they are burnt into your subconscious being.  Change those visions and feelings into words and repeat them routinely.  It will change your life! 

3.  Your belief – why

Belief in your ability to attain something that you focus on is the key to changing your mind and achieving your goals.  Belief is also built on consistency because you ‘know’ that you have the perseverance to stay the course and finish what you set out to do.

If you don’t believe in your ability to achieve your goals you can build it by looking to successful members of your family, researching people you admire and then begin to construct a routine around thinking, feeling and doing.  My method of operation is to move daily into a meditative state then to go over images of my role models, feeling their strength and embedding it within me.      

Belief also in a higher power is very important for some but not absolutely necessary.  This belief centres around the fact that god, the universe, higher intelligence, higher consciousness, or whatever you may call it will assist you on your path toward success. 

This means that while you are directing your energy through your thinking and actions the universe will align all the potential like energy and show it to you in the form of opportunities.  Much like the law of attraction but more like the law of manifestation.   

However, I also realise that this is not absolutely necessary because people who don’t believe in a higher power have proven this time and time again.  Believing in a Newtonian world is enough as there is no real need for any higher or external help in order to achieve your goals.

4.  Learn – Do – Teach

Through this process the aim is to move you from beginner in knowledge and or skills, to mastery and finally to expert.  This process will inevitably change you in the process and therefore your mind and brain.  You literally become a new person.

People find it easier to stick to their word when it involves a transaction with someone else but difficult to keep a promise to themselves.  Keeping your word to yourself is integral because the aim is to build this into your being so you manifest this type of ‘being’ into reality.

Sticking to your personal word will help you transition through this process with less difficulty.

Being committed to the, learn, do, teach process will get you to your desired outcome faster  whatever that goal maybe.

5.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.  There is no substitute for repetition. 

I have been obsessed with breaking and forming habits for years and I practice this daily.  This method I understand and have built on the back of different methods in order to create one that works for me.  Obviously there is a lot of science that underscores each of these steps and if I included them in this blog it would be at least 6000 words long.

My current position is working to become a great online marketer and entrepreneur.  I’ve had my successes and challenges on my short journey so far and the majority of that success has been due to my desire, consistency, belief and doing.  I have come to a space in my life where it is a part of my ‘being’ to do what I do now.    

If you have made it to the end of this blog then I can safely assume that you are very interested in changing your mind and understand that you are a creator of your destiny.  If you are, then I encourage you to do your research, create your steps for mind success or you can just give my steps a go.