I recently attended a funeral where a guy casually said in his eulogy

“A few of your friends are not here today because they have to work.  You know how it is.  Work hard, pay the bills”

Whatever the job maybe, we have been taught socially and culturally that we must ‘work hard to pay the bills’.  I am only using one of many sayings here.

I use this saying because it illustrates the point that this was great during an era where you could literally walk in and out of good paying jobs

Living in a rapidly changing world the ‘work hard to pay the bills’ mantra poses some big problems

‘Bills’ are close to exceeding income in New Zealand and around the world, Our outgoings are bigger than our income, which means people have to work longer hours, New Zealand employment:  How hard Kiwis are working.

This ‘way’ we have been taught to ‘work hard’ is still trapped in an era that reflected the state of the economy at that time. 

The digital era has drastically changed the ‘way’ we should be working but the dominant ideology, like old habits, persist. 

Nowhere else is this ‘mindset’ more evident then in the education system which dominates the curriculum, pedagogy, and educational paradigm. RSA Animate:  Changing Education Paradigms

Assessments, testing, comparisons and academic merit are valued above all else. 

Learning content, attaining qualifications to work for others, working long hours covering irrelevant and often boring topics are encouraged in the traditional education system.

With the explosion of digital technology it has rocked the foundations of the education system and therefore the ‘traditional’ mindset. 

The ‘new economy’ requires that people are creative, innovative, can build connections, but most of all are vibrant and authentic.  Real people.  

Below is a comparison of some of the differences between these two mindsets.

Traditional Economy

Digital Economy



Know how to work things, skilled at things

Creative, innovative and can build connections

Get a steady job

Adapt and change, be ready to change jobs

Work hard long hours

Think expansively, use already existing services, automated systems, emails

Go to school, get a degree, get a job

Go to school, pursue your desires, generate income through technology

Work for someone

Work with someone

‘Working hard’ long hours in a traditional sense should be treated as a dying ‘mindset’ as it is proving to be folly in the current day or as Daniel Priestley states

“The harder you work, the less you earn.  In the modern economy hard work is not a competitive advantage.  The world is full of hard workers and non of them are CEO’s or entrepreneurs”

“But not every ‘hard worker’ wants to be an entrepreneur or CEO” you may say.  Fair enough.  All I am saying is there needs to be a shift in ‘where’ we focus our hard work. 

If this shift occurred in those that ‘work hard’ in the traditional sense then every hard worker would have a greater chance of working hard and making more.

With a different ‘mindset’ the opportunities become greater.  The following is an excerpt from Daniel Priestley’s book “Key Person of Influence” which illustrates this shift

“It’s now possible for a 17 year old girl sitting in her bedroom to start a group on facebook for free, she can have thousands of followers and fans worldwide for free, she can talk to them all on video for free, she can write to them all for free, she can get them all excited about her ideas all without spending her money.  This teenager can create or source a product easily and cheaply, she can design a brand cheap, have an online store easily and cheaply, take payment, send her products around the world for cheap all from her bedroom”a

The main point here is not just doing things for ‘free’ but is instead that the digital era has presented her with a great opportunity to reach others and generate an income while doing something she loves.

At no time in our history have we been able to connect and communicate with others from every part of the globe, from all walks of life, from any location at anytime.

You only need to look at the statistics on social media and the internet to see the huge opportunity we have.  The Top 20 Valuable Facebook Statistics – Updated May 2018

These are just statistics for facebook not including, instagram, twitter, snapchat and thousands of other social media platforms.

“O.K Harm, I know this is a great opportunity but where would I start?”

Well, there are many ways that this can happen online but I will share with you a path that has changed thousands of people’s lives and I believe could change yours.

I will answer the above question with a series of questions.

What if a dedicated online community could teach someone with no prior experience how to create a profitable online business from scratch?

What if that business could provide you with all of the building blocks to start an online business?

What if all you needed was a laptop and an internet connection?

What if you could market products/services that you personally value?

What if you could do this with limited technical skills and knowhow?     

What if you could use this education platform to generate an income 24/7, 365 days of the year?

Well, the answer to all of these questions is ‘’it is possible’ through a robust business model, community and education platform called the Six Figure Mentors (SFM)

Couples, grand parents, mothers, fathers, retirees, corporate workers, truck drivers, mine workers, teachers, priests, accountants, university students, and former CEOs have all created better lives through this education system and platform.

Ordinary people like you and me who have ‘worked hard’ the majority of our lives are creating lives of financial freedom and time.

All of these ‘real people’ started their journey down a path that was not familiar to them, they trusted in the process, they listened to the community, invested in themselves and above all

Had a burning desire and belief that they were going to create a better life for them and their families.

I’ve been going through this process for the past 6 months and I’m not turning back.  I’ve chosen my path so that I can look back on my life in 5, 10, 20 years and say that I done something.

I done something to break a mindset of ‘working hard’ in a job that I’m not fully expressive in, that is restricted and limited by wider systems

However, the most important reason of all is that I took action to free up my most valuable resource of all, my

Time and Freedom.   

So here it is.  The opportunity that could change your life if you are willing to ‘work hard’ in a ‘modern way’. 

So what would I be doing? You may ask.

You would be connecting the right people through the right message to the right solution at the right time like I’m doing at this moment.

The education platform will provide all of the training, building blocks and support needed to create your online business.  The most important aspect of this education platform though is the community.

Like I mentioned above the SFM community is a mixture of people from different experiences at different levels of success.  They are all there with a similar goal to create a life of financial freedom and time.

The leaders, tutors and mentors of the community are successful online entrepreneurs who are passionate about providing value for all members.

The co-founders Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross have helped thousands of people worldwide to become financially independent and free. 

Together with the community, SFM is a unique marketing platform for anyone looking to make a start.

However, like any other important aspect of your life; health, well being or relationships you must be willing to put in the time and effort to gleam great results.

Your not going to get a six pack by going to the gym a couple of times a week, it takes dedication, good nutrition and ‘hard work’. 

Samething with this, your not going to get ‘rich’ as soon as you sign up.  It is a process that takes  time to learn and perfect.

So if your interested in creating a life where you are no longer ‘working hard’ doing the wrong thing then click here to start your journey. 

If you choose to click the link above you will be taken to a page full of information on Six Figure Mentors and you will also be introduced to my personal mentor Stuart Ross.

On that, I do hope you make the right choice for yourself.  Hope to catch you on the other side.

Much love,

Hamuera Maika (Harm)

Founder of the Grandest Man