In the last five years I have been open to and searching for a way that I could start helping people create their greatest lives through digital technology.

I am very fortunate to be working with great people and in an occupation, that is very rewarding.  I am a secondary school teacher and I specialise in working with young Māori (indigenous peoples of New Zealand) males to build a strong mindset for the future.

What made me pursue an online lifestyle is a desire to break free from the status quo of occupational reliance, of a system that continues to live in the industrial era, the normalisation of constant ‘debt’, and most importantly a ‘regret of not pursuing my dreams’.

Breaking free from the status quo stems from my parents fighting against and finding loop holes in the dominant Westernised Education system that normalised Māori student underachievement.  Pursuing a lifestyle of self-reliance through technology sits outside of the dominant structures of the current system which is a huge driver for me.

Many systems, particularly the education system are ‘trapped’ in the ideology of the industrial era.  Worldwide many educationalists are taking bold strides to move towards 21st Century skills however these skills are often moulded and redefined to suit the system.  My pursuit of this lifestyle is to then role model these skills, tools to their full potential so that others may be encouraged to do the same.

Being in debt.  Why is it considered ok to be indebted to the banks until you reach 60-70?  Do I wait that long to finally become debt free?  Do my assets truly belong to me or the lender?  Every day brave people are paving the way to become financially free online and I have chosen to traverse this path

Finally, the most important reason for me is to live with no regrets.  My desire to create the greatest life I can for myself, my family and all others who I influence is strong.  Before I leave this planet, I will know that I had the courage to pursue my greatest dreams.

The Inception of Six Figure Mentors.  I had my suspicions of SFM, tracking them, reading the critiques, and trolling some of the members for quite some time.  I was very, very sceptical about any online programme until I came upon a book called ‘To sell is human’ by Daniel H. Pink.

This book traces the negative stigma of ‘selling’ to the era of the slimy, untrustworthy, lying and overbearing car salesman.  During this epoch, power was asymmetrical, meaning that the seller held all important information which placed the buyer at his mercy.

Fast forward to this day many continue to think this way (and for good reason).  The stark difference however is the ease of access of information through the internet.  Now every person can easily check the sales person, the company and read reviews.  The buyer is no longer in the dark and the power has become a lot more symmetrical.  I encourage you to do the same.  Look me up, look SFM up and after doing so ponder on it.

Personally, after joining SFM I am living in a state now that I have never experienced before.  I am sharing and helping others through my experiences online.  I have now the potential to earn money while I learn.  I am getting shit done.

So, follow me on my journey as I create a business I love, conquer my fears, innovate new ways of marketing quality services and tread an unpredictable pathway.

If you are curious and would like to know more about SFM there is a free seven day trial that will be sent to you by email on sign up, just click on this link below.


If it is not for you than I am glad we met.  Also if you are not a part of my Grandest Man Facebook page here is a link as I believe it could work for you.

Much Love Hamuera/Harm