Whakarongo! Whakarongo! Ki te tangi a te manu nei! Tui, tui, tuituia!

Listen! Listen! To the cry of the bird calling! Unite, unite, be one!

Above is an incantation cited by orators of the Maori people of New Zealand to unite visitors and hosts under the banner of unity.  Whatever the demographics maybe, and depending on the issue at hand unity will be required to fulfil the purpose of the gathering.

What lessons can I learn from my elders?

With this in mind the following is the definition from a quick google search – ’the state of being united or joined as a whole”.  To me this means being in a ‘state of mind’ and believing that it is our similarities and not our differences that unite us all.

Living out our personal experiences can make us feel that we are seperate from everyone else but understanding that we are truly united through similarities and energy we can live a life of purpose through service.

“He totara wahi rua, he kai ma te toki”

“A split totara tree is easy fuel for the fire”

– Maori Proverb –

The proverb above captures the detrimental affects of divisiveness (split totara tree) and how it can be easily consumed by ‘fire’ or disconnection and lack of empathy.

“I loved your dad Harm” A familiar face said as he came across to greet me at my fathers funeral.  “He treated me like I was his own”.

My childhood friend and brother who greeted me was of European descent and my dad took him in as his own when he was younger.  From a Maori worldview he was considered a whangai/adopted son but not in a legal sense.  He would travel with us to different family gatherings fitting in seamlessly with the rest of our extended family .

My father was a secondary school teacher and like many Maori teachers of his era his job entailed more than the role of a ‘teacher’ often being the only positive male role model, father figure of many ‘broken’ boys.

I observed my father many times embracing many ‘broken’ young men, seeing their body language change so dramatically that many were reduced to tears.  My dad genuinely loved them and would tell them so.

“He aha te mea nui o tenei ao? He tangata”

“what is the most important thing in this world? it is men”

– Maori Proverb –

I live and breathe this principle as it was role modelled to me by my parents.  I am currently working in a South Auckland school where 30% of our boys have no fathers or male role models.  This is my calling and it has been so for many years of my life.

A burning flame has been burning inside of me to pursue a different direction in my line of work ever since I realised the system, although in a state of transformation continues to limit and restrict many boys from their potential.

The only way I could fully realise this was to create a life of freedom in terms of time and finance.  I was looking for answers so I could pursue this new direction in my life and I found it online through Six Figure Mentors.

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I am creating my personal brand online and I am in the process of building my services for my community before I take it global.  I can say without a doubt that I would’ve never taken this step if I didn’t join SFM.

I have clear visions of helping thousands of people, particularly men around the world to overcome adversity and to live to their full potential by learning to be resourceful online. Free Video Series   

I know if my father had access to the same technology and systems he would have taken this opportunity to free his time and financial situation so that he could do what he loved on his terms.

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However, If this does not interest you than I wish you all the best on your journey in life.  Thanks for taking the time to read this blog.

“Ma te tokomaha ka ka te ahi”

“By the many the fire will continue to burn”

– Maori Proverb –

Much Love, Hamuera/Harm