“Go to school, get into University, get a great job and help your people”.  These are the sentiments of many caring parents to their children and it was certainly like that for me and my siblings.

Being brought up in our Māori (Indigenous peoples of New Zealand) values there was extra emphasis placed on helping your people.

Māori like many other indigenous populations of the world have the highest statistics for poor health, domestic violence, incarceration rates and male teen suicide in New Zealand and in some cases the World.

Getting an Education is seen then as an avenue to helping our people out of this situation.  However, graduating after 17 years of education with little to no work experience coupled with the reality of living in constant debt limits your capabilities of serving anyone else but yourself.

I am grateful for my education and my job as a teacher but there burns inside of me a fire to pursue a digital lifestyle, to become financially free and to help my people on my terms and not those dictated to by the system.

The traditional mindset of education could therefore be seen as an ineffective path of serving humanity in comparison to the new digitally connected era.

On the 19th of December 2017 after searching different strategies I was drawn to and joined the Six Figure Mentors online community.  I applied, signed up and gained instant access to the curriculum and modules on offer.

What a whirlwind it has been.  I was so sceptical at the start but soon came to realise that the founders and community are hardworking, enthusiastic and are living, breathing examples of their mission statement

“To awaken millions of people to their unique potential and to harness that potential through the digital economy.  In doing so they will transition from reliance on occupation to self-reliance”

This aligns with my purpose

“To encourage people, particularly men to create the greatest vision they have of themselves in all facets of their lives through digital technology”.

I had ‘fears’ of people saying to me that I am just trying to sell another product.  Let me make this clear; this path is not for everyone.  It is not for people who want a ‘quick fix’ to their financial problems.  This system is rhobust and proven a thousand times over but it requires investment and your precious time at the beginning.

I have chosen this path, I have reorganised my life together with my wife so that I can create an online lifestyle that is meaningful to me and therefore for others I serve.  Is this not what my predecessors would have wanted? Is this not the embodiment of the proverbial saying of my ancestors?

“Ma te huruhuru te manu ka rere”

“It is the feathers that allow the bird to soar”

If you are curious and would like to know more about SFM just click on the link below and my mentor Stuart will provide you with more clarity.  If it is not for you than I am glad we met and I wish you all the best.  If you are not a part of the Grandest Man Facebook page please join in as I know there will be valuable information that can help you in many facets of your life.

Much love Hamuera/Harm

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