“I hurt my leg mum” 

I said as we walked towards the Pinnacles mountain top.  We were going to camp near the summit of the mountain that day as the walk took about 4-5 hours.

“Keep going son we’ve only just started” 

I kept walking for the next hour or so but soon stopped as my foot blew up and I could barely move it.

My mother was a big lady with an even bigger drive.  We were about 2 hours away from the top of the mountain when my mother decided that she was going to carry me.

With no hesitation she handed me her pack and hoisted me on to her back (I wasn’t a light kid either) and for the next hour she walked steadily towards the top of the mountain.  People asked her if she wanted a hand but she would kindly refuse.

This is one of the greatest lessons of my life.  My mother was a determined lady who would ‘get it done’, I rarely ever heard her moan, choosing instead to take on challenges in her life with vigour and

When standing at the crossroads of life with the options of pursuing a new lifestyle of my creation or remaining in a life more comfortable I thought of my mother.  Knowing that this new path was going to be challenging, scary but hugely rewarding I remembered her grit and determination.

From my personal experiences in many different facets of my life and a huge interest in personal development I have found three key points that have enabled me to ‘get it done’ like my mother

1. Belief
2. Action
3. Results

1. “Do you believe you are a creator?”.  Personally, this is the most fundamental point of all.  In order to achieve anything in your life you must first believe that you are in control of creating who you choose to be.

When deciding to pursue a career as an online entrepreneur I had to first realise that I will create myself as an entrepreneur.  Once I began to learn about what it is and what it takes free video series the next step was to put this into action.

2. Being proactive is the second key point in ‘getting it done’.  If belief remains unactivated than it serves no purpose.  In order for you to fully express yourself and be the greatest person you can be than manifesting belief into the physical is crucial.

After finding the solution to my dilemma through Six Figure Mentors I knew the next step was to take action.  Investing money in my personal belief was challenging as I knew that this would force me to action my plan and to pursue my goals.

3. When working towards a goal it is also very important to be aware of your achievements and milestones along the way.  The importance of this not only builds momentum but it also keeps you present and appreciative of what you have and will soon accomplish.

After actioning these steps consistently and successfully in many facets of my life; exercise, eating healthy,  marriage, relationships and mindfulness I made a decision to pursue a lifestyle online.

Joining SFM free video series will assist me to transform my life as it provides me with the education, online systems and community to make this happen.  This very important experience in my life I will pursue with the three key steps to ‘getting shit done’ that I have mentioned and actioned above.

My mother whether intentionally or unintentionally taught me many valuable lessons but her actions that day while hiking set in stone real steps that have enabled me to realise my dreams.  I choose to utilise these steps to create my life online, to ‘get it done’.

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