Upon graduating, which was a cool experience, I had accumulated a $60,000 loan.  That equated to $15,000 a year for my studies. The average tertiary student can look forward to a debt of $21,000 as stated in the NZ Herald.

However, I would guess that average would be much higher for University graduates of tertiary education.

After successfully completing my Physical Education degree, I had no specific job opportunities to transition into forcing me to sign up for government assistance before I found my first job as a teacher.

While waiting in line for a compulsary seminar on ‘how to get a job’ a spark ignited in me to pursue a better life.

There are many graduate students who find it hard to seek employment even after studying for 4-6 years due mainly to inexperience in the workplace. Job Market Cruel To Graduates

After returning to University to get a secondary school teachers diploma I incurred more debt. Although my pay increased I often questioned why it had to be like this.

Me and my wife married while we were at University and now have three boys, twins 9 years of age, and our youngest aged 3.  Like many couples starting a family we decided to purchase a house and other assets.

We are both teachers and were very fortunate that we were able to purchase our house for a very cheap price.  We upgraded and borrowed around $550,000.

With this in mind I calculated that we would end up forking out 1.2 million in loan payments by the time we were in our mid 50’s early 60’s.  Let me say that again 1.2 million dollars!

In this day and age it’s common for young couples to get a $500,000 mortgage but as stated in stuff.co.nz “Now, the latest QV ratings have showed the average house price in the region has risen to $1 million” morgage loans will inevitably rise.  The Baby or the House

As a result of this rise young couples are now working longer hours to break even. The Baby or the House .This made me curious and I started looking at possible solutions to speed up this process

Scrolling through the business news feeds there emerged a pattern in articles from different sources such as the one below:

“Budgeting, reasonably frugal living, and using a revolving credit mortgage for all your banking (the basis of the NZ Home Loans system), are the core elements of doing it.” Mortgage at age 55?

First of all what does ‘reasonably frugal’ living mean? Why is living in constant debt considered normal?  Is this going to take up the majority of my life?

This means that I just spent around 17 years of my life in the education system, graduating with a degree to finally start living a ‘frugal’ lifestyle.

Me and my wife will affectively pay 1.25 million dollars back to the bank into our mid 50’s or early 60’s.

Now don’t get me wrong I am thankful for what I have as it is a lot more than what others have.  However, after following a traditional narrative for most of my life why should being in constant debt be my ‘yard stick’?

This sparked me to ask one of the most important life changing questions

“How the f@#k am I going to create a life of financial freedom and time so I can do what I desire?”

I have always been into self-development particularly around mindset and I have used it to create a healthier life for myself, spiritually, physically, and mentally.  I started to delve deep into my driving question.

All I knew was that the answer was tied into technology and the internet.  After participating in an online professional development course called change.school it confirmed my thinking.

Then in December 2017 the answer came to me in the form of an advertisement on YouTube.  If you asked the question above and the answer came to you would you take it?

Well after I clicked on the advertisement I got an overview of the Six Figure Mentors education system.  I then gave my name and email address and I was sent a free seven day series that delved deeper into online marketing. Free 7 Day Video Series

I immersed myself in this knowledge for a good two weeks and then plucked up the courage to take the next step and join.

Prior to and during this experience my mind chatter infiltrated my thoughts and in the following table I will show the main ‘mind chatter/limiting thoughts’ and their ‘Logical solutions and reasonings’ I jotted down.

You can see what went and continues, to somewhat go through my mind.

Mind Chatter Logical solutions and reasonings
“this could be a scam” “Many people have succeeded by following the criteria; passionate work, personal investment and personal belief.”

If following the ‘scam’ logic

“University could be the biggest scam.  I know many people who failed University leaving with hefty debts to prove it.  Our education prepares us for the ‘rigours’ of University so that we are well prepared for the future.  This doesn’t happen for many graduates”

“With the huge community, transparent nature of the systems and state of the art education curriculum it is hard to see what the scam could possibly be”

“Plus there are many different entry levels you can register and pay for.”

“it costs too much money” “Like I mentioned above I have a $550,000 debt and my personal investment in this business is only 4% of my mortgage which I will make back in the next few months”

“I spent $60,000 dollars on my tertiary education and of that money I could safely say that I used about $4000 dollars of that content in the real world.  I know there will be many people laughing at this because they know it is true…lol.  Hold that thought though.  Imagine this as a sales pitch ‘Welcome to the University of _______ where we can guarantee that you will use 5% of the content you will learn.”

“Also I can say with absolute certainty that I have used 95-100% of the information I have learnt from SFM through its application online.  Therefore my money is not going to waste”

“We spend huge amounts on physical possessions; tv, playstation, sky, trampoline etc….”

“SFM just want my money” “Yep and so did every other outfit that I waisted my hard earned cash on. Except equipped with this knowledge I will make more money than I payed, faster”
“I’ll take it easy first and wait to see some results” “Did I say this when I started to eat healthy, exercise regularly and recreate my relationship with my wife?  Absolutely NOT.  When I did I failed miserably.  Why would I ‘take it easy’ with something that will change my life financially forever.  I’m all in!”
“I don’t have enough time as I have a family and a full time job” “As above, anything that I have placed huge importance on in my life I have set aside time for.  This means that I had to block my time with my wife.  I spend at least 20-25 hours around my family responsibilities and full time job per week building my lifestyle as I know it will work out in the future.  My sleep suffers but it is something I am willing to sacrifice.  Plus I find it incredibly rewarding.”
“What if it doesn’t work?” “I will make it work as I know that this is my path.  I believe the education, tutelage, and community provided by SFM is of the highest quality and will therefore help others reach their goals.  I will succeed in promoting SFM and collecting commissions from those sales”

“Also through perseverance and working smart I can make it happen.  I have achieved all other goals in my life that I have committed fully to.”

So I have laid out my fears and financial reasons for choosing my new lifestyle online.  Does any of this resonate with you?  If you are in a similar position then I could safely answer ‘yes’ for you.

If you think this could help you, like I know it can than I would like to give you the free 7 day video series that changed my life. Free 7 Day Video Series

I am creating a life of my dreams by helping others realise the opportunity in front of them that could free them from the ‘status quo’ of debt and financial worry.

I am also building my personal brand and service that will ultimately help move people closer to their goals and become the grandest version they can be.

We live in a world of opportunity never experienced before and now is the time to create your future, your way, through a laptop, internet connection and perseverance.

Are you ready to forge a lifestyle of financial freedom online?

Free 7 Day Video Series